Endangered Species Act

Endangered Species Act


The Endangered Species Act is a powerful statute that prohibits any federal actions that would jeopardize or adversely modify critical habitat of any endangered or threatened species. But this law really does more than protect the species: it functions as a way to protect ecosystems and large areas of habitat.

I chose two endangered species of salmon to represent this law, because they are an example of how a species can be representative of ecosystem-level health. Salmon are especially incredible because throughout their lifecycles they travel from freshwater streams to the ocean and then back to their freshwater spawning grounds. Salmon are a symbol of healthy rivers, have important cultural significance to Native Americans, and are a vital food source for keystone species (Orcas!). Some salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest are on the brink of extinction, largely because of counterproductive dams and other harmful industrial practices. We are currently facing a possible future where salmon runs are non-existent. Read more about breaching the Snake River dams, one important solution to this crisis, here.

The Trump administration is proposing to weaken some of the Endangered Species Act’s protections, but many environmental organizations are fighting back. Add your voice to the opposition here.

This collection was designed to raise awareness about important environmental laws while giving more back to groups that use these laws to protect the environment. 20% of sales go to grassroots environmental organizations.

Handwoven with Japanese delica glass seed beads. Original design. Hang ~4.5 inches long.

All items are handmade to order, please allow up to 4 weeks to ship.

Made with short, gold plated ear hooks unless specified otherwise. Slight variations may occur.

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